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Why Should You Vacation in Lake Worth?

Florida is a large state with plenty of vacation hot-spots. Choosing the right getaway can be difficult. However, Lake Worth is always a great option. Find out why you should vacation in Lake Worth.

The Location

One of the best things about Lake Worth is its destination. While there is plenty to do in town, you can also hop on the highway and find yourself in a number of other South Florida towns. You could take a day trip to Miami, head North and see the sights, or go inland for a swamp tour. It’s hard to beat the area’s location.

The People

One of the best things about a vacation in Lake Worth is the people. Unlike some other areas of South Florida, Lake Worth isn’t lacking in quirkiness. The people in the area are friendly and unique. There’s also a distinct lack of people, compared to tourist meccas like Fort Lauderdale. If you’re looking for a quiet, quirky vacation spot, then Lake Worth is the place for you.

The Dining

No vacation is complete without good food. Luckily for those who vacation in Lake Worth, good food is all-around. Whether you try some freshly caught seafood or opt for a juicy burger, the food won’t disappoint. There are many great local restaurants, as well as hundreds of great restaurants in nearby towns and cities.

Lodging for Your Vacation in Lake Worth

Your lodging can make or break your vacation. When you stay with us at the Scandia Lodge or Eamon James Suites, you enhance your vacation. Our hotel makes it easy for you to relax and vacation in style. Contact us and book your stay.


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