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Backpacking 101: Minimizing Your Luggage

Backpacking 101: Minimizing Your Luggage

Whether you’re backpacking in Lake Worth or in any other tourist destination, you need luggage. Unfortunately, too much luggage can make backpacking impossible. Follow these tips for minimizing your luggage while you travel.

Preparing for Backpacking in Lake Worth

As you prepare to hit the sand and the surf, you need to pack carefully. The following tips can help you limit your luggage:

1. Don’t Overpack Your Clothes

If you’re new to backpacking, you might have a few questions about packing your clothing. But there’s one answer to all of your questions. When it comes to your clothes, less is more.

As you travel, you’ll wash your clothes in sinks, laundromats, and hotel laundry facilities. You don’t need to pack a month’s worth of clothes. Pack a few different outfits for the various occasions. But don’t pack too much of one thing.

2. Keep the Equipment to a Minimum

If you want the best backpacking in Lake Worth experience, don’t pack heavy equipment. Avoid packing a heavy laptop or a large camera. If possible, stick to a small camera (or your phone’s camera) and a light laptop or tablet.

3. Stick to Travel-Size Toiletries

Although you might be traveling for two months, use travel-size toiletries. As you travel, you can stop at pharmacies and restock. This will save you from carrying around heavy bottles of shampoo and body soap.

Staying with Us

Here at the Scandia Lodge, we make backpacking in Lake Worth special. Contact us and book your stay today. Whether you pack light or heavy, we can accommodate you.



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