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Exploring the Cottages of Lake Worth

Exploring the Cottages of Lake Worth

There are many great features of Lake Worth. One feature often noticed by tourists are the cottages. In the city, you can find many quaint cottages. They aren’t just for those who admire architecture; they also tell a story. If you’re interested in the history of the area, you should try exploring the cottages of Lake Worth.

What are the Cottages of Lake Worth?

The Cottages of Lake Worth offers tours of some of the historic homes in the area. Throughout Lake Worth, there are about 1,000 cottages. Many of them have interesting history, and most were built before 1939.

The homes are small, with only about 1,000 square feet in each Key West-inspired cottage. Equally small are the lots; many of the homes are on lots that measure 25 feet wide. An Inside the Cottages Home Tour takes you through the city and into some of the historical homes. Typically, the tour takes visitors into over ten cottages. They can view the unique interiors that often feature arched ceilings with wooden beams.

Some of the cottages contain original elements, like original fireplaces and hardware. If you are interested in history or architecture, the tour is bound to keep your attention.

There’s another benefit to taking a cottage tour. You can learn more about the people and culture of Lake Worth. When you visit the cottages, you are greeted by homeowners. They often have stories to tell.

Visiting Lake Worth

If you’re thinking about visiting Lake Worth, be sure to admire a few cottages. You should also be sure to contact us at the Scandia Lodge. Book your room with us today.



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