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Boat Rentals in Lake Worth

Boat Rentals in Lake Worth

If you want to explore the waterways of Lake Worth, you should do it like the locals. By choosing from one of the several boat rentals in Lake Worth, you can head out for a day in the water. Learn more about your options for renting a boat.

1. Boynton Beach Boat Rental

Located in Boynton Beach, this rental place is only a short drive from Lake Worth. They offer boats of a variety of sizes, and you don’t need a special license to drive. As long as you show your valid driver’s license, you have the qualifications it takes to be captain.

2. S&W Jet-Ski Rental

Although a boat is a great way to explore, a jet-ski can be even more fun. At S&W, you can rent a jet-ski and speed out on the water. This company is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Furthermore, they only take reservations. If you want to enjoy this adventure, you need to plan ahead.

One of the highlights of this company is their flexibility. They deliver their jet-skis to six different Lake Worth locations. The cost of the rental varies depending on the amount of time you use the vehicle.

3. South Florida Boat Rental

This place for boat rentals in Lake Worth has many options. You can choose between boats or jet-skis, and you can take your pick of vehicle. If you’re not confident driving, you can choose to hire a captain through them.

Your Boat Rentals in Lake Worth

Do you plan on enjoying one of the boat rentals in Lake Worth? You can do that and more when you stay with us at the Scandia Lodge. Call us and book your room today.



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