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Exploring Palm Beach County: Historic Walking Tours of Worth Avenue

While some people opt to try exploring Palm Beach County on their own, others prefer guided tours. If you’d like to learn about one of the more popular areas of Old Palm Beach, you should consider participating in the Historic Walking Tours of Worth Avenue.

About the Tour

The tour is guided by Rick Rose, who is extremely knowledgeable about the history-rich area. He takes you through Worth Avenue, the popular destination for those looking to do some upscale shopping.

But there’s much more to Worth Avenue than just shopping. Founded by Addison Mizner in the early 1900s, the area is now considered to be the wealthiest zip code in the country. Even the alleys embody luxury and have a Mediterranean style to them. The shops feature bright awnings and ironwork that screams glamour.

Prior to its development, the area was known as Jungle Road. There were hotels built by Henry Flagler, but the area was widely undeveloped. It took Mizner’s vision and hard work to grow the area into what it is today, and it started with the Everglades Club. Built in 1914, the establishment attracted an upscale crowd.

On this tour, you’ll learn more about how the area developed into what it is today. You walk through the neighborhood and admire both past and present. As you do, you will learn about famous individuals like Grace Kelly, Kennedy, and Rockefeller.

Appreciating Palm Beach County

This tour is only one way to appreciate Palm Beach County. Another way is to stay with us at the Scandia Lodge. Reserve your room today.

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