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Lake Worth Beach Hacks

Lake Worth Beach Hacks

If you’re planning a beach day in Lake Worth, there are a few hacks that can make your vacation easier. Try these beach hacks and find out how they can improve your vacation.

1. Bring Baby Powder

After your day at the beach, you’ll probably be covered in sand. It’s almost unavoidable. But baby powder could help you remove some of the sand from your feet and legs. When you’re ready to go home, pour a little baby powder in your hands. Then, rub it on the sandy areas. The sand should come right off.

2. Use Multi-Purpose Beach Chairs

To save yourself from lugging too many things to the beach, use multi-purpose beach chairs. Some chairs have built-in coolers. Before you head to the beach, load up the cooler portion with ice and food or drinks. Some coolers have built-in umbrellas or backpacks. This can make getting to the beach easier.

3. Use a Mesh Bag for Your Belongings

Nothing is more annoying than sand in a bag or backpack. To prevent the sand from accumulating, you can bring a mesh bag. Load it up with what you need, and head to the beach. When the sand gets in your bag, it will filter out through the mesh holes.

4. Get Beach Toys at a Dollar Store

If you’re on a Lake Worth vacation, you may not have room to store beach toys in your suitcase. So, go shopping at a dollar or value store. If you only pay a few dollars for your beach toys, you can regift them to another tourist.

More Lake Worth Beach Hacks

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